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Maggie Baird, Psychic, Major Manifester & Law of Attraction Teacher




“If you knew me personally, you’d know receiving angel messages is my form of therapy. I have never once been a repeat client of any psychic, and I’ve been read by many, until I met Maggie. I was immediately drawn to her energy and I knew she was truly gifted right away. Her insights are incredibly accurate and honest, even when the truths she shares are hard to hear at times. Maggie's readings are always transformative, reassuring and empowering- I always leave feeling excited about what’s to come. Book a reading with her- you will feel like you’re talking to your best friend. I can’t imagine my life without her now!”


Long Island, NY

“Maggie’s personal readings are phenomenal and accurate. Her ability to connect with angels - both her own and mine - to give messages that I need to hear has helped me tremendously in my life these past several months! She always takes the time to explain the message. Her ability to read energy and make me feel comfortable and confident is uncanny. I highly recommend a personal reading from Maggie - they are life-changing!”


Indianapolis, IN

Topics Maggie regularly helps clients with during personal readings:

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Manifesting Desires



Developing Psychic Abilities


Building or Growing Businesses

Achieving Success

Finding the Perfect Career

Getting Past Life’s Challenges

Emotional Healing





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For as long as I can remember I could see angels. I can remember being 4 years old seeing angels. My father tells me of times that I woke up from naps as a young child and told him “some shit that freaked him out.”

For a large majority of my life, I was not open about my gift. Essentially, I only used my gift for myself. It helped me navigate the world, and create the life that I wanted to truly live.

I had a successful 10 year career as a Sales Executive at public HCM companies. The opportunities I had in corporate, paired with my gift and law of attraction knowledge, helped me achieve accomplishments like making over $400,000 USD per year, driving a new Porsche 911, owning a house 3 miles from the beach in Florida, feeling financially free, and even quitting my corporate job and living off my real estate investment and spiritual business. All of my dreams came true. And more.


A lot of people could read this list of achievements and think I’m boasting. Or that I got very lucky. The truth is, I’m not special and I’m not lucky. All of those miracles were simply a result of following divine guidance and wisdom.

About 3 years ago, I started doing personal readings for others and teaching Law of Attraction. I realized my gift and the wisdom I have acquired can help lots of people achieve their dreams. Just like I use my gift to get my own dreams, I now use my gift to help others achieve their dreams too.

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